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Dark Was the Night (2014) Full Movie Dvd

Dark Was the Night    24 Jul 2015

N/A 90 min DramaHD MoviesHorrorThriller

IMDB: 5.6/10 4,320 votes

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As more unexplainable incidents happened, the Sheriff calls the National Guard, but their arrival is delayed by a storm. Paul and his partner are alone on their.

Under the working title of the trees, the script was represented 2009 in the Black List of the best previously unpublished screenplays. Dark the night is loosely based on true events, which should have occurred in 1855 in Topsham, England.

This motion picture opens at a logging camp, a setting little found in contemporary film. Trees getting cut, woods getting destroyed, in an impressive woodland confined by threatening dim sky. It’s the end of the work day, and the men should be coming in, however a boss talks into his walkie talkie; he’s not getting an answer from a few laborers, and he’s irritated. “I won’t falter to secure you folks for the weekend,” he says, and he gets no answer, so he goes more profound into the forested areas to explore.

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