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Forsaken (2016) Full Movie Online

Forsaken    N/A

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IMDB: 5.7/10 748 votes





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Western forsaken, Kiefer Sutherland abandons his life as a Gunslinger to bring the relationship to his father Donald Sutherland back in the slot.

Forsaken, so lost given has Reverend Clayton his son John Henry Clayton (Kiefer Sutherland) years ago. Once John left his hometown to gain fame and fortune as a Western hero, and has developed since then in fact a reputation as a gunslinger, moves faster than anyone else and killing without hesitation. John’s reckless actions however meant the for the relationship of father and son.

But now the John bitter over the years hung his gun on the nail and returns home to repair the relationship between him and his estranged father. While he’s trying to forget his past, he makes acquaintance with the local beauty of Mary-Alice Watson. Unfortunately there’s not long quietly, however, a vicious gang terrorized the town and is on the land of local residents. Can John Strip over again his old identity, without losing all this time, what is dear to him?

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